"I cannot recommend this course highly enough and would now deem it essential for any mum to be...The best thing we've done to prepare for our baby!" 


Pregnancy Relaxation

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Pregnancy Relaxation

Congratulations, you're pregnant! This is amazing news but wait, how are you going to get that baby out? Let's face it you've probably heard some not so nice stories about childbirth and now the anxiety and dread is starting to kick in. There's no way you can do this?!?!? Right?

Did you know that Hypnobirthing teaches practical tools and techniques to support you to have a calm and relaxed pregnancy and labour? It is a fully inclusive birthing programme which covers everything from talking to professionals, understanding the physiology of birth to breathing techniques. I am passionate about supporting women to become fully informed about their birth options which is integral to feeling confident and in control. Did you know that there is a particular hormone needed for birth? That the anxious, fearful state you are experiencing will actually work against you during labour?

I teach a number of courses within The Vale of Glamorgan in partnership with The Little Birth Company which aim to make you feel deeply relaxed, calm and at peace. There is something for everyone. From the full 10 hour Hypnobirthing course and the 3 hour Hypnobirthing workshop to the 6 week Pregnancy Relaxation classes (women only).

I am so excited to support you on this magical journey!



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