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Hi, my name is Clare and I run Birth Bloom teaching courses in partnership with The Little Birth Company! I am an antenatal teacher and teach Hypnobirthing and pregnancy relaxation courses in the Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff areas. I am also a qualified teacher with a specialism in Early Years education.


I first discovered hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was anxious about labour and didn't have a clue what to expect. I had also experienced a close family bereavement and was worried how my grief would impact on my pregnancy.


 I initially found out about Hypnobirthing when watching a vlog by Giovanna Fletcher (author of Happy Mum, Happy Baby.) She talked about how amazing Hypnobirthing was and how it supported her in having a positive birth experience. I was sold! From doing my own research I found a local Hypnobirthing course and really felt it was a perfect match.


I knew I wanted to quieten the anxious, negative thoughts and become a relaxation Queen. As great as this all sounded I wasn't really sure how this was going to happen and how I was going to convince my husband to come along for the journey.

The classes were like turning on a light bulb! Everything started to make sense and I realised that I was more than capable and I could do this! I became aware of how to ensure my body and mind were relaxed and how to turn off the negative chatter in my head. My husband really engaged with classes and felt comfortable enough to ask niggling questions that were playing on his mind.


I was so impressed by the tools and techniques taught and couldn't believe these weren't a part of every antenatal class.


Whilst talking to family and friends some didn't even realise a positive birth was an option and most thought birth was something to be endured in order to have a baby. This really angered me and ignited a passion to get the word out there and support expectant mums on their journey into motherhood.


Following my daughters birth I quickly signed up to become a Hypnobirthing instructor. I then joined The Little Birth Company family and haven't looked back since! 

I can fly!
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Email: clare@birthbloom.co.uk


Tel: 07730573375

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That hair!