March 14, 2019

The one on everyone’s mind when they first come to classes so let’s get right to the point.




Pain has been experienced during childbirth by many many women. But it always confused me as to why other mammals didn’t experience childbirth in the same excruciating way. Why did Mother Nature curse us with torturous pain when bringing a child into the world?!?


Well of course we haven’t been cursed and there’s a good explanation! Our bodies are actually extremely clever. There’s a cocktail of hormones needed to give birth and they can be quite picky as to when they show their face. It all goes back to our primal hunter days where fear brings on the freeze, fight or flight response. If we are stressed and scared about the prospect of giving birth then we bring on this response. This would have released adrenaline so that we could quickly get away from whatever danger we faced at the time. That lovely cocktail of hormones is therefore not released and our body is filled with tension. Fear-tension-pain cycle⚡️


This is just a very brief overview but my classes go in depth looking at how this happens, how it impacts on baby and most importantly how you can work with your body to have a positive birth experience



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