Breathe Baby Down

April 1, 2019

“Right now PUSH!!!”😬


You’ve probably heard this countless times on tv and films. The doctor or midwife dictates to the woman when to push or to push harder!!


In most circumstances there is no need for what we call ‘forced pushing’ and this can cause risks for you and baby such as reduced fetal heart rate as baby becomes stressed.⛔️


Trust your body and breathe baby down.


🧘‍♂️Relax, Breathe and open.🧘‍♂️


In classes I teach the birth breath and we discuss how bearing down rather than forced pushing is beneficial. In simple terms it’s a lot like doing a poo! If you’re constipated no amount of forced pushing is getting it out. You will be uncomfortable, in pain and you will lose energy very quickly.😴

Go with your body, listen and respond to what it tells you. Change positions when you feel the need and keep in mind the benefits of being upright, forward and open.


Many midwives offer guidance just as baby makes their entrance. This is to reduce chances of tearing. Some women will decide to go with their body and experience no tearing at all. Others feel they benefit from this support. It is your choice! Everything in birth is your choice. If it’s not something you want then kindly thank them but say their guidance is not needed. Even better put all of your birth preferences on paper! ✍️





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