Creating a Homely Feel in the Hospital

May 2, 2019

Creating a homely feel in the hospital ❤️🏡


I often hear people say you can’t have a ‘true’ hypnobirth in the hospital. Or the correct way to birth is at home.




Although I can see where the latter has come from. In order to keep those oxytocin levels rising we need to feel safe, calm and loved. All of which we usually feel at home. Staying at home to give birth isn’t for everyone. It can at times be taken out of your hands and for some, being at home would cause their anxiety to spiral. For others knowing that medical professionals are nearby makes them feel that much calmer. As usual it is all about personal preference👍


Wherever you birth, wouldn’t it be great to take a little bit of home with you to get the best of both worlds? Well you totally can! ✨


It’s all about being super organised and channeling your inner interior designer. My second pregnancy was consultant led and I bought lots of little bits to decorate the room to make it feel more relaxed. I had one hospital bag dedicated to the birth environment which also included familiar comforts from home so I felt safe and in familiar surroundings.


Reframe your thinking. The room is a blank canvas for you to work with. As long as you ensure access to the equipment and don’t starting hammering nails into the walls you should be ok 😂


A few ideas:

▪️ Fairy lights (my favourite) and battery candles
▪️Dim the lighting
▪️Take a throw or blanket from home to put over the bed/chair
▪️Hang Birth affirmations
▪️Take personal photos
▪️Anchors to relaxation such as music or smell. Try filling the sink with hot water and adding your aromatherapy oils
▪️Bring your own slippers and dressing gown
▪️A yoga mat to support you when kneeling on the floor
▪️A pillow from home


You may feel silly taking these things but honestly who really cares 🤷‍♀️. If all this is going to contribute to a calmer, smoother, relaxed and quicker labour then why not? Should we put ourselves through more discomfort just so we don’t feel like we’re being awkward?


How are you preparing? Or how did you make your birth environment your own?





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