Hugs Before Drugs

May 18, 2019


Hugs before drugs!


Have you ever watched a natural birth and thought to yourself HOW?!?

How is it possible that they seem to feel little or no pain? How do they look so calm? Why aren’t they screaming for an epidural?


We know that in order for our labour to get going we need oodles of oxytocin- the love hormone ❤️

This hormone makes us feel safe, secure and loved.

As our labour naturally progresses our body also produces endorphins, our natural pain relieving hormone. These produce an effect similar to morphine and other opioids but our endorphins as much more powerful 👊


As long as labour progresses without intervention these endorphins will continue to rise. This wonderful cocktail of hormones can create a euphoric effect so you feel super loved up and on top of the world!! You may have heard some women say they can’t wait to give birth again!!


So what can we take from this?


Try to think about natural comfort aids initially. Hugs before drugs!! Inform your care providers that you will ask for pain relief if you need it but don’t want to be offered. This way any decisions you make are on your terms 👊


You may decide that pain relief is the right decision for you and that is absolutely fine!! With all the information you have, weigh up the pros and cons and as always make an informed decision.



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May 18, 2019